Married at Sauvie Island, Honeymoon in the Wallowas

As much as I love weddings, for my own I just wanted to do something low-key and small. So, we eloped in the rain at Sauvie Island and took a short trip to Joseph, OR for our honeymoon. Thank you to The Jennings Hotel for providing such a gorgeous place to stay, and a special shout out to Renee for being sweet enough to share one of her morel spots with us! We had a wonderful time and I have a feeling we'll be back next year.

I take pictures on my phone constantly, but somehow, even as a professional photographer, I never seem to remember to shoot with my big-girl gear, so it was really nice to shoot some personal photos for a change. Some of those below...

Settling into a new home.

Perry and I moved to Portland, Oregon in March. So far, we are loving it! Aside from Portland being a great city, the surrounding landscape is also stunning. There are river beaches, moon mountains, wild flowers, mossy tree limbs, waterfalls, frogs, garter snakes, morels, sturgeon, steelhead, and even cicadas (though they are not as noisy or common as the east coast kind)! Every time I catch a glimpse of Mt. Hood or Mt. St. Helens, my heart flutters. Perry laughs at me because sometimes I audibly gasp without meaning to.