So Long Summer 2

For my birthday, we had planned on camping at Wahtum Lake, but our trip got rained out. Lucky for us, the whole state is uncharted territory, so finding a back up plan was easy. We decided to head to Bend for two nights. While we were there, we took a day trip to the Painted Hills. Don't know if y'all have seen the Painted Hills, but they were stunning and as a bonus, we got to pretend we were visiting another planet. On our way home, we stopped at the Metolius, which is hands-down the most beautiful river I have ever seen! Perry caught his first ever bull trout there, a fish on his bucket list, so he was very happy. We have now decided that going on a mini-vacation is the ONLY way to spend a birthday. (Shout out to my mom who took care of our cats while we were gone!)

Settling into a new home.

Perry and I moved to Portland, Oregon in March. So far, we are loving it! Aside from Portland being a great city, the surrounding landscape is also stunning. There are river beaches, moon mountains, wild flowers, mossy tree limbs, waterfalls, frogs, garter snakes, morels, sturgeon, steelhead, and even cicadas (though they are not as noisy or common as the east coast kind)! Every time I catch a glimpse of Mt. Hood or Mt. St. Helens, my heart flutters. Perry laughs at me because sometimes I audibly gasp without meaning to.